on the verge of Spa qualifying Sept. 01 2012 8h04 ET

Alonso, in the Ferrari, comes out of the only real practice session, Saturday morning, with the fastest time.

What are they doing, covering the car so much?  What have they come up with over the summer ‘break’?

McLaren, so far don’t look like they’ll be at the top end; but based on past performance, counting Lewis Hamilton out is foolish.  Jenson is excellent at letting people know how unhappy he is with things, he should really manage this whinging better.

Lotus have not been able to get any testing, Eric Boullier refers to not being able to perform the ‘calibration’ of the device due to the wash out of practice sessions 1 and 2; they likely had to spend practice 3 dedicated to race set up.

Regardless, Kimi was second fastest in practice 3, only behind Alonso.

Mercedes seem lost.

Webber gets a five place grid penalty for a unscheduled gearbox change, and seems to be overdriving.  Strangely, Vettel has not been impressive.  But Red Bull is a solid car of impeccable aerodynamics; Vettel has a history of coming into stressful situations in qualifying and nailing the best time.

Maldonado just cannot stay out of trouble.

Sauber looked strong in practice 3, and should make it to the top ten.



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