Right on the Button! 2012 Spa qualifying observations…

Well, Jensy showed a lot of people wrong, including I, by very convincingly capturing pole.  Lewis couldn’t put it altogether for the one lap, and is a few rows back, still in the top ten.  More on Jensen, his first pole in a while, and first with McLaren?!  Is that right?

Bad news for Kimi, 4th, bracketed by Maldonado inside him (uh oh!) and Kamakazi Kobyashi in front of him; trouble into the first corner, I think ‘yes’?

After the build up for Kimi, anything behind 1st would have been disappointing.  Grosjean a couple rows back, still within striking distance given the expected long term pace of the Lotus.

Sauber look awesome, Kobyashi 2nd! and Perez right up there, a couple rows back, on fifth.  Congradulations to Kamui on his first front row F1 start.

Fernando couldn’t pull off yet another miracle, and may have a tough time getting to the podium, but his top ten position, sisth, directly behind Kimi, may be difficult for him to achieve a podium, but never count him out.

Red Bull have to be disappointed; Vettel outside the top ten! and Webber, unfortunately as suspected, over-driving his car, he’ll start outside the top ten with his five grid place penalty.  Ironically, Vettel will be bumped up to tenth as a result of Webber’s penalty.

Mercedes, lost and floundering; Rosberg will start last; Michael not much better for a top tier team, at 13th.

Good job by DiResta to get into the top ten; he’ll advance a spot with Webber’s grid-spot penalty.

Looking forward:

Can Jensen keep it together to the win?  I like Jensen, but his performance under pressure is suspect.


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