Spa to Monza – what’s learned in Spa 2012?

Back to back races, Spa to Monza, not bad.

Here’s what I learned from Spa 2012:

Sebastian Vettel was the best driver at Spa, and I think he won his first race at Monza, in a Toro Rosso!

Red Bull looked very strong in race trim, and suffered little degradation on the tires.  Both Red Bull drivers should be a threat at Monza.  However, Monza, even more than Spa, is renowned as ‘The Power Circuit‘, will this disadvantage Red Bull with their Renault engines?

McLaren are back; two race victories in a row, and Jenson the better using the low-down force back wing.  Now that the car seems very strong, reputedly the most powerful engine, and Jenson has shown up again, both drivers are threats to win, and keen observers will likely favour them for victory at Monza.

Monza is the Ferrari home track.  Expect Ferrari to do everything to get the beloved Alonso on to the top step.  But Alonso took an awful smack in the crash-up at the start of Spa; will he be on his stellar top form?  Who knows?  Right now, The Weather Network long range forecast for Monza is showing 25 degrees and chance of thunderstorms for Friday, and sunny and 26 degrees for Saturday.  Dry and warm to hot will disfavour Ferrari, unless they’ve come up with a solution to that issue.

It was a tough day for Kimi, but his march upon the front runners in the championship is relentless; Vettel is the only one who has gained a bit of ground, and only three points at that.  Webber is now in the same position relative to Kimi that Lewis was before the race, a single point ahead.

Despite that, Kimi has yet to win this year; you could hear his frustration on the race radio, and in the press conference.  Lotus have yet to really put it all together.  Could Monza be the place?  But will they suffer the same problem as at Spa, with the rain on Friday, no way to ‘calibrate’ ‘the device’?

The Grosjean penalty of one race seems fair enough, perhaps the minimum.  But how come Maldonado keeps on being allowed to race?  I think his jump start may have had a significant role in this mess; so distracting.

Too bad about the Saubers this weekend.  The most exciting driving pair are due for some kharma reconciliation; perhaps they’ll surprise at Monza as the extreme outside shot?  Who knows, but I bet it would be entertaining to watch.

I’ll blog next after the Friday (Sept. 7th) practice at Monza.

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