2012 Monza F1 GP – Lewy Pole to Flag – VICTORY!

Way to go on the win Lewis, pole to flag meant your race wasn’t very exciting.

From Planet F1:

01. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1h19:41.221
02. Perez Sauber-Ferrari + 4.356
03. Alonso Ferrari + 20.594
04. Massa Ferrari + 29.667
05. Raikkonen Lotus-Renault + 30.881
06. Schumacher Mercedes + 31.259
07. Rosberg Mercedes + 33.550
08. Di Resta Force India-Mercedes + 41.057
09. Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari + 43.898
10. Senna Williams-Renault + 48.144

Jenson looked ready to get the second, until his engine blew; too bad Jenson; you are out of the championship race, and should now aid Lewis, ironically by taking the seconds to his firsts to limit the available points to rivals and lift McLaren in the constructors.

Driver of the race was Sergio Perez, coming from twelve to second at the line, passing both Ferraris, and Kimi along the way; way to go Sergio!

Red Bull, maybe the worst circuit for their car, but double DNF, not good.  Different strategies, with Webber on the one stop; Vettel however aggressive driving, could not hold off Alonso.  About the incident, really a marginal call, maybe it would have been let go before last weekend, but not with the Grosjean precedent, Vettel got the stop-and-go penalty for squeezing Alonso on the outside.  Anyhow, Vettel’s race was undone when his engine blew; you could hear the team radio on SkySports F1 coverage telling him to stop to preserve the engine.  With the eight engine limit, bringing a replacement engine will cost a ten grid-place penalty, and Vettel’s championship drive just could not take that, probably.

Ferrari are definitely back in the hunt with McLaren.  Alonso’s first lap from tenth to sixth was the foundation for his drive to the podium, third seems very good, all things considered, and he pulls away from his closest championship rivals.

Speaking of which, it is VERY tight behind him, but he’s got some good space.

1     Fernando Alonso     Ferrari                               179
2     Lewis Hamilton        McLaren-Mercedes          142
3     Kimi Räikkönen        Lotus-Renault                  141
4     Sebastian Vettel       Red Bull Racing-Renault 140
5     Mark Webber           Red Bull Racing-Renault 132
6     Jenson Button          McLaren-Mercedes          101
7     Nico Rosberg           Mercedes                           83
8     Romain Grosjean     Lotus-Renault                    76
9     Sergio Perez            Sauber-Ferrari                   65
10   Felipe Massa            Ferrari                                47

Even Webber is a long shot, now; Jenson is just not a realistic championship possibility, let alone Grosjean.

Kimi in the Lotus is the highest finishing Renault-powered car at this ultimate power circuit.  Nonetheless, Kimi continues relentlessly marching up the standing, only two points out of second, but only a point above fourth; still Kimi’s pattern is very consistently upward.  Yet no win!  What can Lotus do to get their machinery up to the McLarens and Ferraris?  Maybe the Singapour track will favour them again.

Mercedes are coming back, and nipping at the heals of the top cluster of teams.  They still suffer the highest degradation rate, yet Michael still almost caught Kimi at the line and would have with one more lap, certainly.  About the future of Michael, please feel free to comment whether you think he should be back or put out to pasture.


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