Silly, uhh… enough!

Maybe in some seasons, last season, come to think of it, the British-slanted media could be forgiven for yawning at yet another superb matching of superior blown diffuser car with peaked German munchkin driver, coasting to another top step, and looking for comparatively interesting things to write about.  Even the driver line-ups for the next season.

But we are in the heat of the closest fought season in recent memory!

I am much more interested in in whether of not McLaren can continue the recent trend of out-developing the rest of the field, and whether or not Ferrari really have a complete package that can race at the front at all or most track layouts and weather conditions.  Or, will Mercedes, languishing, perhaps the biggest dud of the season, so far, can they get into contention, maybe even on the podium in Singapore?  And what happened to the Bulls of the paddock, they are down, but are they really out?  Lotus, they peaked at Hungary, never  breaching that elusive top step, bummer.

I am interested more in whether Lewis will be able to really get close and win Singapore, much more than where he will be driving next year.

I say, who cares where they will be next year?  They’ll likely worked it out by then, wherever!

James Allen sends me an email, notifying me of a response to my post, stating the obvious, McLaren seem to have found the development balance between qualifying and race pace, as evidenced over the past three race victories at different tracks, but Monza was a best case scenario for them, and the steadily improved Ferrari, but will the hot winding Marina Bay Street Circuit accent the drivability and (previously seen) tire wear advantages of the Red Bulls and the Lotuses?  And will the development steps change the comparative speeds: a bit, or even drastically?  Mercedes seem to finally be getting a handle on their flaws, and I suspect that they may be back in the hunt before the season is through.  James says, “Mclaren and Ferrari will win most of the remaining races maybe Red Bull or Lotus might steal one or two-Suzuka, USA or Brazil. Mclaren will most likely win at Singapore”.

I’m hoping for the continued variability on the knife’s edge of development of some of the most intense and finest engineering minds on the planet.  I’m hoping for a four way race down to the last corner of the counter-clockwise Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace tarmac.

But if you want to be silly:

Lewis to Mercedes

Sergio to McLaren

The only person who could get a drive and have equal treatment with Alonso at Ferrari is Michael Schumacher; and maybe even not him.  This is NOT the team of the golden Ferrari-Schumacher era.  This is the team of the dawning Alonso-Ferrari era.  Nonetheless, there are big guns at Ferrari who will demand respect for Michael, if he were to go there to drive.  He will have to choose to give up driving, and stay at Mercedes, moving into management, or go up against the grittiest driver on the grid, at the top of his craft, and it is way up there.

Anybody else who goes to Ferrari will get eaten alive.  I would have thought Di Resta, but if Sergio doesn’t have enough F1 experience… Kimi would be nuts to go there, but maybe McLaren?!?  I think he likes the relaxed kharma at Lotus and can continue to bring them more into contention.  Maybe Ferrari will go to Sutil for the one year, until they get Vettel.  Or maybe, Rosberg!?!  How about Nick Heidfeld?  Hulkenberg?  Hulkenberg to Mercedes?

Some stuff I’d like to see:

Williams: Bianchi and Jaime Alguersuari  (very fresh line up)

Alguersuari could go to Sauber.

Alguersuari could go to Mercedes.  What about Ferrari?

And of Toro Rosso: are they going to scrap this year’s line up; they haven’t done as well as last year’s, who got dumped.

And what about Sébastien Olivier Buemi, could he go to Ferrari, Mercedes, Sauber, Williams?

In the end, who cares when the racing is so good at the moment.

Here’s my silliest prediction, but I feel it!

Kimi Räikkönen will win the Singapore Grand Prix and go on to win the 2012 F1 Championship at the last corner of the 71st counter-clockwise lap at Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace.


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