Singapore, trends and signs in the race

I honestly thought it would be on by now.  But it’s the tribute to Sid Watkins; so I have a few mintues to share with the last minute blog readers, who existing potentially only in my mind, and even there, not so often.


Lewis-McLaren/Mercedes: trend of development leaders, including their balance between single pace, and race pace, is confirmed on Saturday with Lewis 0.4 ahead of the next qualifier?!?  Lewis continues doing what I said he needed to do, to continue to win, spending energy on the things that will most add to your speed, and otherwise, just shutting up.  Good job Lewis.  You are the clear favourite to win; but I don’t think it’s going to be easy, even for you.  Good luck, it rarely hurts.

Maldonado-Williams/Renault: let’s just say, I’m not a believer.  If you look at consistency, then Maldonado is a lucky fluke.  While I do believe that lightening can strike twice, let’s just say, I’m not a believer.  At the front, he may be able toad to the interestingness, and take care of the expect safety car deployment, right away.

Vettel – Red Bull/Renault: confirming my prediction that Singapore would reduce the advantage of the more powerful engines, and confirm Red Bull’s continued competitiveness for other than high power, long straight circuits where they are disadvantaged.  Vettel has been out of the limelight, slightly off the pace, but if you were following his exploits, you might also have seen what I saw, that Vettel has actually upped his already phenomenal race ability.  He may be the best driver in the world, over the trend of the past the races! I expect him to challenge in a car that will have overall better race pace than the McLaren.  Can he pass Lewis?  I believe he may be able to, so I have him on almost equal likelihood to win, as Lewis.  It will be most interesting to see if the McLaren yre solution is as good as it has seemed, lately.  For Vettel to win, the Red Bull will have to have a tire management advantage, otherwise it will be impossible o catch Lewis.

Alonso-Ferrari: Always saying he is in damage control, is getting tedious.  They have a very well crafted, underdog theme in their public relations.  Yet I do believe that they were somewhat flattered by the layouts of the past two races.  Don’t forget how bad that car was at the first race.  They must have had to pick and choose where they made it better first.  But this is Alonso, forth on the grid, must be considered a threat.

Here it goes, the lights are out…


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