Doubters of Perez haven’t been paying attention – 2012 October 1st

In case you haven’t read any of my previous posts, mark the date, October 1st 2012, Sergio Perez will clearly get the better of Jenson Button by the fourth race of 2013.

As predicted in the post, yes, that was September 14th 2012, Lewis to Mercedes, Perez to McLaren.

Okay, there is only one Lewis Hamilton, and HE’S PROVEN that he can win, races, an the championship; there is no doubt there, the talent, and maybe even more importantly, some intangible quality, THE ABILITY TO WIN.  Whatever you say about past F1 champions, regardless of comparative equipment, regardless of almost everything else, is this quality, who knows if it can even be learned?  It is the quality to be able to win.

For those that haven’t been paying attention.  Perez has shown the ability; and it is a rare thing.  For example, if you look at him lap by lap, especially in dueling situations, he has without a doubt done better than Jenson Button, for example, who is a world champion, also.  Checko, is that what they call him, he most definitely has displayed an ability to go for it, and then, make it!  He has done this repeatedly.

The dueling with Raikkonen was one of the nicest fights to watch so far this season.

About the strategy being responsible for the achievements: that just doesn’t wash.  Look at the comparative competitiveness of the Sauber.  Certainly they are much closer to the sharp end compared to recent years in terms of equipment competitiveness; but the car has never been the all out fastest car.  Yes they have a few things going for them, their tire management became good, early on in the campaign, but this is just not a top-flight car.  I admit that the strategy has been very good, but that just propped up the driver(s) to within an outside chance of podium potential competitiveness!  Sergio capitalized on this outside potential spectacular fashion!

I still think a team blunder cost him that first win against Alonso.

It was no mistake, for either Lewis, or McLaren to go their separate ways.  Sometimes a relationship is out, when it is out, it is out, and the synergy required to create the driver champion is not available.  So was the case with the Hamilton-McLaren relationship; and the details of who and why are just for decoration, it really doesn;t matter, after the fact.

Short of Kimi, he is proven, I believe that Perez was the best available driving option for McLaren.  I expect Perez will lead Button, by a similar margin that Hamilton has won this year, at McLaren.

Furthermore, his behaviours over this season and last suggests strongly that he is more inclined to deliver the maximum points per race, regardless of the comparative advantage of the equipment. If McLaren deliver a car with the same overall comparative advantage over the course of the entire season, I would expect Perez to be leading the championship at this stage of the season.

Is this a bad move for McLaren?

Any bad moves by McLaren, if they exist, happened in the past, and were not going to be overcome in contract negotiations.

It’s just the way it goes sometimes.


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