tids and tads before Suzuka – 2012 Oct. 3rd

Going for wins in the current competitive environment:

I read an article in Autosport.com, at: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/103009 the headline: “Romain Grosjean: Victory not vital for Lotus in 2012“, though he was placed into some kind of context, “ “If we can win a race this year of course we will try to grab it,” he added. “But if it’s not this year I’m sure it will come next year.”  

Yet he is quoted further, “…  We have been consistently at the front, getting good data and good experience for the future.

It will be much easier next year to go to race weekends knowing the track, knowing the team, knowing what we did the year before and being ready straight away.”  

Next year is a long way away.  In the current competitive environment, you never know when you’re going to get as close as you are now.

I say, it does matter!  You must win if you are as close as Lotus have been.  

How come Romain doesn’t know this.

I bet Kimi knows it.

Comparative pace potential factor for Suzuka to watch for!

Also at Autosport.com (way to go Autosport.com), Martin Whitmarsh on , “… potential FIA flexi wing clampdown”, at: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/103022. They site an report in Auto Motor Und Sport. My google translation of the article, at: http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/formel-1/streit-um-klappfluegel-bei-mclaren-und-red-bull-5819046.html ,reads, in part, “…the entire wing to rotate about the transverse axis.”  It furthermore suggests that Red Bull have similar since Singapore, and that Ferrari found out and alerted the FIA?!?

Whitmarsh is quoted by Autosport, ” “I think the regulations require the wings to be rigid, but of course no wing or aerodynamic surface is infinitely rigid.

“From time to time questions and disputes arise between teams, who feel that other teams are too flexible or whatever. I don’t envisage any particular problems for McLaren in that regard, and consequently I don’t think that it is anything that will harm us.” …  

Could there be anything to it?

I don’t know, but if there is, and it doesn’t apply to Ferrari, Lotus, Mercedes, then we could have a race with a different complexion.

Furthermore, the race pace of McLaren and Red Bull, the fastest two teams at Singapore, suggest that they may have had some kind of an advantage.

In my opinion, the data matches this suggestion.

What to look for:

1. It will probably be in the news.  If it’s not,

2. It should show right away.  If true, I will look for them to not be as dominant on Friday.   Red Bull and McLaren dominated free practice and with Vettel taking P1’s and McLaren taking 2* P2 and 1* P3 (Alonso got the other P3), then qualifying McLaren P1 and P4, Vettel P3 behind Maldonado in P2.

Consequently, Ferrari and Lotus (especially if Lotus gets ‘the device’ hooked up, and it delivers), should have stronger comparative pace, and maybe Mercedes with their ‘Coanda effect’ exhaust.


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