2012 Japanese F1 Grand Prix – after P3 before qualifying

Trend prediction for Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel accurate: Red Bull strong, and Vettel the fastest driver of the incredibly strong field of rivals!

But McLaren, what happened?

Was it a case of just not putting it all together and demonstrating their best, or something else?

If the Auto Motor Und Sport article, “…the entire wing to rotate about the transverse axis”, has credence, and it still most certainly is consistent with their recent performance advantage; but maybe it’s just their performance advantage, and no provable unfair advantage at all?

I give it a 50:50 probability of credence.

So, predictions:

One way or another, Red Bull performance and McLaren performance should come back into alignment from their comparative performance in FP3, Red Bull 1st 1nd 2nd (not bad), McLaren 8th, and 13th.

But Sebastian Vettel will be (a wayfaring appropriate usage of the word)  truly awesome, no matter where he qualifies; I must confess, I have not been a believer in Sebastian Vettel until the last five races, he is awesome, and the fastest driver right now!

I re-iterate my previous trend analysis that Sebastian Vettel will win the Japanese GP 2012, and go on to win the 2012 Championship.


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