2012 Korean F1 Grand Prix – Friday Practice Analysis – pretty much as thought

By the second session, and having no doubt gone through their program with little regard for demonstrating the fastest pace, Red Bull are the fastest cars at Yeongam, a circuit of interesting corners and straights rather oddly strung together, in a marshy industrial space four hours from Seoul.  But party town if you are Sebastian Vettel, and yet fun for Mark Webber.  The two of them traded incremental fastest laps, in the hundredths, while Alonso was closest three tenths off their pace.  Red Bull are maintaining their advantage, albeit, slimmed compared to Suzuka.

But Alonso is just off the pace, he was P2 in the first session!

Massa is very close as well, Ferrari are the main contenders here.

McLaren have dropped back a bit, since Japan and the latest flex-wing scare.  I’ve come point in my life where I believe it to be so that real ‘co-incidence’ is extremely rare, if not non-existent.  Jensy leads the way with P4 in the 2nd practice, Lewis in reverse after having the fastest time in P1, ended in 8th in P2.

Mercedes are for real, P5 and P7.

Sadly, Lotus have lost touch with the front.  We have seen with Mercedes, that the learning curve for tuning the exhaust-effect, rear-downforce increasing process, is slow, only now are they showing the increased pace from their introduction.  They plan to keep it for the race.

More later…


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