Webber pole at the 2012 Korean Formula One Grand Prix!


Keep it feral for the race, mate.

Webber is one of my favourites.

Webber heads four past Formula One world champions, and I think he is otherwise amongst his peers, and should be a world champion himself.

The start of this race is a nexus point for quite a few of the main plot lines in the 2012 Formula One campaign; those who have been paying attention can well understand this.  But for the rest of you, consider this small sample:

  1. Fernando puts the squeeze on Raikkonen at the start a week ago; this bad judgement costs him what could be expected to have been around 15 points, give or take three or so.  Now Alonso starts immediately in front of Kimi.  A hot spot, and an ICE COLD Finn.  Finns are cool, it’s a cool country, they speak a behavioural language that my kind understand; they are great hockey players, also, much admired around here.
  2. Over the course of the entire season to date, equipment comparative advantage has varied greatly, but overall, Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari have been extremely close, the difference between them, their immediate comparison; so Red Bull has a the slight edge, over an almost dead heat between McLaren and Ferrari.  The next chapter in this story is current race pace, a cliff hanger, to be certain!
  3. An epic continues with the Red Bull inter-team plot line of Sebastian Vettel, and Mark Webber racing into the first corner; I certainly hope that Mark Webber has NOT conceded the season yet; Australians are a cool people.  We have great affinity, they are like a warmer weather version of our culture (though driving on the wrong side of the road).
  4. For much of the season, the ice races threateningly, but never conquering the peak of the podium; now this curious viral campaign suggesting revelations for the next season on Kimi’s birthday, next week?!?  I don’t think we’ve seen it dropped into the next gear yet.

What I would like to see, Kimi first, Webber second, and a former Spanish double world champion taking out a German double world champion.

Why?  Great ongoing spectacle, of course; such an outcome would crank up even this, the best season in a long time.

Congratulations to all those who have made the 2012 F1 World Championship so good!


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