Vettel wins 2012 F1 Indian Grand Prix – it never looked in doubt – now a two driver race to the championship

Vettel delivered his first fourth victory in a row, underlining my contention in these pages that he has upped his game to a new level.

The Red Bulls were the class of the field, and looked solid for a one-two until Webber’s KERS started acting up, and Alonso got by him with about ten laps to go.

The first few laps saw Alonso wiggle past the McLarens, principally on the strength of the superior straight-line speed of the Ferrari.

The McLarens bandied about, eventually Lewis finishing in front, but failing to reel in and past Webber for the final podium.

The race was boring!

It was particularly tedious seeing Kimi stuck behind a slower Filipe, except of the power straights where the Ferrari was the class of the field.

Kimi’s 2012 title bid would now require three victories and three DNFs for both Vettel and Alonso ,and despite the heroics of 2007, this seems too long to be reality for 2012.

Also painful, and again I mention the fact that I am NOT the biggest Michael Schumacher fan, his trundling around at the back of the grid, then receiving reprimands for not observing waved blue flags, and letting lappers past, seemed very harsh to me, though perhaps not too harsh in light of all of the antics of his career.  Yet I would be fine for not having witnessed it.

So we have a two horse, or more accurately, a one bull, on one horse race to the finish.  Alonso, raised not too far off from Pamplona, ought to know more than most about the running of the bulls; if you can’t out run them, and let’s face it, very few can, then get out of the way, or get gored.

So the Ferrari capital Butteri, the Italian talk on the radio is amusing, but who is kidding who, it is one of the easiest languages to understand, knows the challenge he is faced with.

While brave, I must say that the comments in the media, setting up some pillows where he might be reasonably expected to land, not having been ‘given wings to fly’, about ‘losing to Newey’s car’, lowers him in my opinion.  Everyone who knows about these things already knows about the superlatives of Adrian Newey’s design talent, yet Ferrari, with the aforementioned MS, shot down Newy designed cars for years to win championships; so it would be much more reflective of Alonso’s team captaincy and capability, if he refrained from making such obvious excuses for not winning; sounds more like whining.  Nonetheless, Alonso is the guy keeping this whole great, exciting season, still exciting, with just three races to go.

As for Vettel, he’ll likely keep on doing what he does best, winning pole, and managing the race from the front; I must say, I really enjoyed it better, when he was scrapping valiantly forward from the mid-field, but in doing so, it is my opinion that he has already earned his position in the field, as it stands now; way to go Sebastian, you made a believer out of me this year.  I’d like to see you in the same car as Alonso, on neutral turf, and I have a strong feeling that you would do just fine.


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