2012 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix post-qualy – way to go Lewis!

Lewis Hamilton was 0.348 ahead of Webber; clearly he was the best package.  Webber put in a fine lap to get what he did; way to go, mate.  Vettel hasn’t looked like his fine post summer break form, all weekend; what is going on?  But don’t count him out!

This weekend is getting more interesting as it goes on; I think we’re going to get a very interesting race, including a very interesting first corner.

Talk about the golden horseshoe stuffed so far up there, his main, and only title rival demoted to the back of the grid?

¡Que bueno suerte!

7th on the grid is now on the third row, against Jenson Button; things are  looking so much better for the butteri primo of the prancing horses.

Kimi is now on the second row, but next to Pastor.

That crafty Alonso could be third by the end of the first lap; then anything could happen.

Another guy I just have a feeling for is Roman Grosjean; I have no idea why; perhaps it is such minute attributes, so as to be imperceptible to the conscious mind, yet perceptible nonetheless.  I think he’ll advance on the first lap, and keep on passing and going faster, and… maybe a podium.

Lewis could pull away if he can keep ahead of Webber into the first corner; I expect Webber to be completely going for it; and it could be interesting.

Expect phenomenal displays from Sebastian Vettel, provided his car is working as well as it has in recent races.  He might put on a display of the race, starting from the pitlane, following his sanctioning by the FIA for  insufficient quantity of fuel following qualifications, after failing to complete the drive the the parc ferme.

This is going to be good.

Out of all on the grid, however, the man in red is happiest of all, after all.


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