Vettel – Holy S#!T! F()<KING Awsome! What the F()<K?!?

Whoa!  He’s done it before, but I don’t think we’ve ever had such a Red Bull-Vettel package advantage OVER ALL COMERS!  He comes out late in a practice, the teaming having worked on some undisclosed, but crucial performance issue for most of the session, frantically!  And he bangs in the fastest lap of the session!  Just like that.

Everybody else has a BIG PROBLEM!

I think the job for Vettel is to stay focused, stay cool, stay light, and then he will stay in that zone that he is in with the Red Bull right now, and no one is going to be ble to get close to him.

The only issue at stake is, can Alonso get at least the third place, he needs to retain a mathematical possibility to still win the championship, going to the anything-can-happen Brazilian GP?  

I want to put yet another shout out the Kamui Kobyashi: those who have been paying close attention, know how good you are.  Keep up the good work; I honestly do not count you out of a win before any race.  Go for it, I hope you can win, but it looks like second will be the highest possible position for anyone but Sebastian Vettel, at the moment.


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