Okay, Lewis Wins F1 USA Grand Prix in Austin, Texas

Lewis Hamilton, fully deserving, chases down and takes victory, in the best race of the year, so far.

Way to go, Lewy!

The McLaren ha been good for a lot of the season; it just seems that one or another in the McLaren camp can’t get it right for the weekend.  They picked a good time to do it, before the biggest market in the world, with a world-class race.

Now we can wait and see about the economic potential for Formula One in the U.S. A.  because they don’t get much better than this inaugural race at the Circuit of the Americas.

About the Ferrari decision to ‘work on’ Filipe’s transmission; and it favoured Alonso; of course they would, with good reason.  Any team that wouldn’t do that, in similar circumstances doesn’t deserve to win.

Bravo to Filipe, who has never driven better!  Way to go Filipe; nobody on the grid is hotter than you, including your esteemed team mate.  It’s too bad you would almost certainly not be permitted to in at your home race, even if you deserved it.

Good job Vettel.

Though strategically foolish, chasing Lewis all of the way to the line; there are those like me, who can’t help but respect.


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