Okay, here we go, last race of the best season ever in Formula One – Brasil 2012 F1 Grand Prix Sao Paulo – INTERLAGOS!

Mark Webber is cool; I’ve just seen the Martin Brundle Grid walk, and their conversation.

As predicted by the meteorologists, and reported by me, rain is almost certain, and is in fact technically falling now, during the Brundle grid walk.  Jensy, so square!

Please see some of my comments at James Allen’s place:  http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2012/11/hamilton-on-top-after-day-1-in-brazil-as-rain-threatens-for-sunday/#comment-683228

The Brundle interview with the Ferrari man was good, and I hope we have a race where both Filipe and Webber, just go; and that is the best thing that they can do; so they should do it.

“Anything can, and usually does happen”, Murray Walker knew what he was talking about when he said this; and I expect to see it, shortly.

Go Kobayashi, go!

Go Sauber, go!

Go Lewy, go!

Vettel doesn’t need any encouragement; he knows exactly what he is doing, and if he does it, he will win.

Vettel trying to go too conservative will back fire; as with many great champions of the past and present, backing off chokes the magic.

Drive YOUR race Vettel, and earn your just rewards.


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