Why fC(& with the formula? More on the Pirelli tire specification change 20130425

What was wrong with the tires that changing the compound of the hards will fix?
We’ve seen all of the extremes of weather, in the first four races: cold, hot and dry, hot and wet, and the behaviours of the tire range across the conditions is now known.
Unless there is a bona-fide safety issue, then the compounds just should not be changed mid-season.
I think the tires have been great this year; they’re even better than last year.
Whether you buy the direction of formula one, to insert clauses in the formula to improve the spectacle, or you don’t agree with it, IT DOESN’T MATTER; that is the direction, anyways.
Talk to Bernie.
I fully acknowledge the contrivances, but there is no going back to the 1950’s for this sport! No way; we’re not going to get that again.
We have the sport almost completely corporatized, now. Neither does it matter whether you, or I, like that, it’s just the way it is.
So given that predicament, the formula that we have now, has these, ‘contrivances’.
But everybody has it the same!
The formula is now about working to the common specifications so that your car can get around the track faster than any of the other cars.
I think Bernie is doing a great job.
Credit where credit is due, there; but changing the tire specification, mid way through the season, without a bona-fide safety issue, and/or unanimous consent from the teams, is wrong, and suspicious.


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