2013 September 6th – F1 Holy Shine – Monza – but a word about Niki

It is Friday afternoon in Montreal, the weather has cooled to a day time high of 20° C, yet sunny and pleasant, it is.

Commenting on JAF1, following the FP2 in Monza, using the “O-M-I-N-O-U-S’ word, again, in describing Vettel’s fastest time, 6/10ths of a second faster than Webber, whom I regard very highly, I was on the verge of comparing Vettel to Niki Lauda.

Over six months ago, someone pointed out the coming movie release for, what was described to me, as a movie about James Hunt, a very charismatic figure, with whom I share a preference for breakfast.  So, after seeing the flashy trailer, I looked into the internet crystal ball to see what documentation existed of the actual events.  And as many of you, paying close attention to meaningful details, may well already know, there is excellent quality real time footage of the events of that particular season.

We, the mundane, must never underestimate those who have faced down such predicaments, and made definitive decisions to fight, and win.

That Niki Lauda is one of those extreme people; a real fighter.

Seeing the shenanigans of this season, and that one particular German brand empire, and a certain… test, in complete disdain of the rules, managed to the nth degree, so that they could get away with it!!!

(Stop me, I’m frothing at the finger-tips.)

But here is the most under-rated champion in F1 history; and there is in fact no one else who is comparable to him, in a sport, full of devastating ability.

So there.

The most under-rated of all time.

Paving the road for what it is to be a modern F1 racer.

The same guy.

I’m sure he’d like to see Lewis against Kimi in the same machinery!

Back to Monza…  oh wait a minute… this season is devolving into a predicatable, well strategically, technically superlatively managed Vettel-Red Bull massacre of the modern V8 formula.

Way to go boys and girls.

Predictions for qualifying.

  1. Anyone who bets against the Vettel-Red Bull package is either on drugs, or should be on drugs.
  2. Then it gets very cloudy, boys and girls, it is extremely difficult to trend a comparative advantage between Lewy-Mercedes, Alonso-Ferrari (this is Monza!), and Kimi-Lotus, with in all likelihood, Rosberg-Mercedes, and a Webber-Red Bull there too!
  3. I have a funny feeling that we could see a McLaren in the second row!

Ah yes, I’m afraid this is a cloudy picture.

If that isn’t cloudy enough, in the ‘what I’d most like to see’ list, I like to see Massa be the fastest in Q3.

Maybe the race results are clearer…:

  1. Vettel-Red Bull
  2. Alonoso-Ferrari
  3. Kimi-Lotus
  4. Grosjean-Lotus

I’m afraid that’s all I got, for now.

But keep paying attention… to the things that matter.


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