Rumblings at Lotus and the star team principle of 2013

2013.12.16 20h00 EST

Eric Boullier apparently had to send a brief tweet, “Dear followers, I have never received any offers and I have not resigned from LF1,”, and  “Thanks for your support.””, according to, at: .

I think I mentioned some where, back there, but in 2013, that the Red team should poach him.

I like SD, but all these years since Kimi’s startling 2007 WDC… I don’t know; but, it’s not okay, is it?

This guy has balanced a lot of unstable… situations, in the past year, and I think he could take on the demands at the Red team, and… who knows, soar?!?

I have to say, that the triangle of Kimi, Allison and Boullier has done very well, and looks like it could go all the way, with just a bit more dough.

Just sayin’.


Finally, 2013 OVER! Done! Good riddance!

Bring on the change!!!

Hey, I know I was slacking off, in the past while; but, let’s face it, it was pretty well over by the chequered flag in Monza, wasn’t it?

I’ve been hanging at at James’ place, talking trends, and it was a clear trend, by the finish in Italy, that the season was wrapped for the top spots in both drivers and constructors championships.

But the undeviating pattern at the front of every subsequent race was pretty predicable, for formula one, by then.

The tyre change, and testS, most benefited the big bad bulls, in the end, add to that, maybe a required enabler, for the tilt-o-rama device, (see the best story of the year at the BBC, by Gary Anderson, of course,, well within the rules, anyways, it beats the tests for those rules, I’d wager.

While Lotus took, perhaps the biggest blow, from the illicit change to the tire formula, they steadily worked their way back up, then could’t come to terms with Kimi, i.e. pay him, and respect him, after he signed with Ferrari next year; but we did get to see the coming out of Romain Grosjean.  It is a good news story when someone who survives, not only for his own wayward misfortuitous manoevres in a Formula One car, but then being blamed, inappropriately, more times than he messed up, finally gets back up on the flower.  Let us not forget how demoralizing it could be competing and measuring yourself against the best driver in Formula One!

On the Kimi to Ferrari move: I’ve been saying steadily, and those paying attention know it to be so, that Alonso would never go head to head against Kimi; but it looks like I was wrong; but that’s okay, because, now we get to find out!

Unlike the herds, I’m not so swayed by the currents supporting an idea of a superior Mercedes power unit for next year.  They had a power advantage, supposedly for the past three years; in each of those year, Renault power won the drivers and constructors championship!

I’m disinclined to believe any rumours, i.e. Ferrari are down on this, and down on that, and oh, hey, haven’t they always been down during turbo-charged eras???

Don’t buy it.  There’s more deception flying around, then anything else.  It’s quite a bit of work deciphering the small amount of quality information, from the mountains of bullshit and general flotsam and jetsam.

No, the most successful communications approach in the modern F1 propaganda wars, is under promise and over sell,

Already handicapped by the perennial, whether spoken or not, promise to win, the big Red machine, has to work over time to lower that expectation, and even then, with such delicacy, lest (yet another) tisofi riot.

One has to wonder about the future for Stephano, especially now that Ross Brawn is liberated from the emerging evil empire; way to go Ross!

I reckon any smart owner would want Ross, if they could get him.  But he’ll want what he wants, and that would likely include all of the basic elements to win, just missing the maestro.  Ferrari fits that scenario, and McLaren.  Ross will understandably wants some points on the deal, and it just depends on who is willing to give up the ownership on the team, more.  But I think it unlikely he’ll go to Williams; they, unfortunately, do not have the elements.  Sauber and Lotus do not have the money and therefore stability.  I’d think Ross wants the major factors in place; he’ll not want to waste any time getting to the top; two seasons max.  But his most likely move will be motorsports director for Honda F1 operations.  Likely Lotus, if still around, will follow McLaren to Honda.

Too bad about the tire debacle, the season was quite good, up to then.

Now, there is just the brand new formula, before us, and hopefully some variability on the top step.