Rumblings at Lotus and the star team principle of 2013

2013.12.16 20h00 EST

Eric Boullier apparently had to send a brief tweet, “Dear followers, I have never received any offers and I have not resigned from LF1,”, and  “Thanks for your support.””, according to, at: .

I think I mentioned some where, back there, but in 2013, that the Red team should poach him.

I like SD, but all these years since Kimi’s startling 2007 WDC… I don’t know; but, it’s not okay, is it?

This guy has balanced a lot of unstable… situations, in the past year, and I think he could take on the demands at the Red team, and… who knows, soar?!?

I have to say, that the triangle of Kimi, Allison and Boullier has done very well, and looks like it could go all the way, with just a bit more dough.

Just sayin’.


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