2013 April 25 – Corporate arm twisting and success of the whiners – Pirelli tire change

This is bad for the sport, as it loses credibility.
Regardless of the formula set, prior to the season, all teams have had to work to the same specifications…
This year, the teams that devoted their energies to other design attributes, and then whined loudly, and publically, on, and on, and on, and on, are getting rewarded for their focus on other areas, outside of tire management, that make their cars go faster, and those teams that have worked to the formula, as documented, will be disadvantaged.
So here’s to ‘the finger’ of the german munchkin, you’ll be seeing a lot of that this year, ending with a fourth consecutive championship, both constructors and drivers, and a tribute to corporate manipulations over common law.

The entire credibility of the sport is apparent to all those paying attention, and it does NOT look good.


MotoGP! Game-changer; called Marquez!

I know we are in the midst of the first Formula One weekend; wet weather, postponed qualifying, and much whinging about it (that means: complaining, in Australian).
They had a somewhat limited test, in terms participation of teams, at the Circuit of the AMericas in Austin, Texas; and a good time to be there, too!
I know people paying attention expected Marc Marquez to be strong coming into his first season in MotoGP, and the Honda does seem to have the edge over the Yamaha, this year, but topping: Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi, and of course everybody else (Stefan Bradl is looking strong for LCR Honda)!
It reminds me of Stoner; so aggressive, delivering a performance edge.
I predict a Marquez 2013 world championship, here, in Toronto, and now 2013 March 16 12h36 EDT.

2013 March 09th – A word on MotoGP

It is good to see Rossi back to a piece of machinery that can win, the Yamaha, even if the only one who may be able to win on it is Jorge Lorenzo.

I’m a big Valentino Rossi fan, but Lorenzo is the best rider at the moment in MotoGP.

Almost indistinguishably, another Spaniard, Dani Pedrosa, riding factory Honda.

The Honda looks like it has a slight edge over the Yamaha, at the moment.

I have a feeling about Marquez; I believe he could win the whole shebang.  It is the style; it looks like an emulation of Casey Stoner, and it works like n emulation of Casey Stoner on a HONDA!

It’s going to be an interesting season with these four riders close; combined the four of them should win over 95% of the races this year; the only question is, the spread.  The current pecking order: Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Marquez, Rossi.

We’ll get a better read on the machinery, and comparatives of the players as they get more experience on the bikes.  If Rossi and Marquez can’t start to make up deficits to their team mates at Austin, this coming week, it could be a season of number two to the incredibly strong Lorenzo and Pedrosa.  Maybe Pedrosa is on the ascendancy against his gifted countryman?

I’d like to see Stoner move to Formula One by 2014.  I’d like to see what he could do.  I have a feeling that it would be impressive, if in machinery capable of winning.