Vettel World Champion – 2012 Brasil Formula One GP Interlagos – Button 1st, Alonso 2nd, Massa 3rd

Vettel collects 6th; since Alonso got only 2nd, Vettel takes the championship!

Vettel recovers from a mugging on the first lap, by Bruno Senna, with a damaged car, steams through the field, makes a mistaken tire change, survives several additional intertwinings, gets a break from the marshals, in my opinion, for both a yellow flag pass, and squeezing another car with inadequate room left on the track, I think it was Kobayashi, for the pass, but in the end, he deserves the title, and there is no foreseeable end to the potential streak of victories for the Vettel-Red Bull package!

The race did in fact end up being the most exciting race of all time, including the Kimi 2007 win!


Perfect timing after picking up all of those American fans after the fantastic inaugural Circuit of the Americas American F1 Grand Prix.